The visible panel's thickness of frame and mullion ≥ 2.0 mm and invisible wall thickness ≥ 1.1 mm fully compliant to Egyptian standard NO. 5304/2006 and British standard No. 7413/2003. Multi-cavity structure ensures the excellent heat insulation & preservation performance of MANAZIL 80 mm sliding profiles.


Single or double insulation glass

The profiles has designed to fit the single glass or double insulated glass. Applying a double insulated glass could obtain maximum noise and heat reduction

High grade plastic materials

The profiles has laboratory tested that it doesn't discolor brittle or become again even when it's exposed to direct sunlight, rainstorm, drying or humidity between -30 to 70

Rubber Strip

High quality rubber sealing strop provide air tightness therefore it can reduce your air conditioner cost

Steel reinforced

The profile can be re-enforced with steel to ensure optimum strength and security.


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